Every election year sees more and more money wasted. Here's my simple solution. I've proposed it for decades, but of course no one pays attention.

Only individuals residing in the area affected by the election should be allowed to donate to any campaign happening within that area. If you reside in San Francisco, you can't donate to a campaign in San Antonio. If you reside in Little Rock, you can't contribute to a campaign in Conway.

I first came up with this idea decades and decades ago when Arizona was considering medical marijuana. There were wealthy individuals from California trying to set up Arizona and a number of other states as a test case to force national reform. Now as it happens I thought it was a good idea. But I really didn't like the idea of people who didn't have to live with the consequences pulling strings for their political objectives.

If you live there, you get to donate. If you don't, then keep your money out of it.