1. Religion and politics don't mix. Period. Don't have people introducing themselves as Pastor or Reverend call me for political reasons.
  2. If you have a computer call me, that tells me that you think I am a fool who will do what a recording tells him to do. That means that you think I can't make up my own mind.
  3. If you have a computer call me, that tells me that you consider my time worth less than the fraction of a cent it costs to place the call.
  4. Calling me more than once with the same exact message over several weeks is a sure way to annoy me.
  5. Calling me several times on the same day with the same message WILL make me despise your candidate and cause.
  6. Calling me before breakfast is a really bad idea.
  7. Calling me around lunch angers me.
  8. Calling me during dinner makes me plot vendettas against your company and campaign.
  9. Calling me when I am trying to unwind and not think about the day tempts me with unspeakable urges.
  10. Hiding or disguising your number tells me I can't trust anything you say.
  11. If by some remote chance an actual person is connected when I answer the phone, I am going to yell at them for wasting my time. I see no reason to be polite.
  12. Text messages that waste my cell minutes are the only thing that infuriate me more than useless phone calls.
  13. Don't call me, I'll call you. When I feel like it. During alternate leap years. If you pay me. And if the check clears.