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I've seen no indication and no evidence that Trump broke the law during his campaign or during his term of office.

I'm going to insist on the qualifiers.

I'm not on your side. Never claimed to be. 

My point all along has been that it's not important who is in office because government expands and we have less liberty every day. Practically everyone here was putting their hope in Trump. I was the one who asked what happens after Trump? I knew it wasn't going to be a Trumpslide and it wasn't going to the a "blue wave." I thought barring shenanigans Trump was going to win. But I didn't think that was going to save us all. Under the existing system, neither party will ever get anything except some yardage and the occasional goal. The stakes will always be everything that you value most because neither side can be allowed to win. So we argue about who is in charge and pretend that matters. We pretend that one person or a small group of people can make lasting change in the long term just by playing the game long enough and hard enough. 

There is no lesser evil because the game is rigged. And not just against conservatives. 

So why keep playing?

I myself am so very very tired of "you're either with us or against us."

Look at this thread. Of the libertarians who care, most are condemning Trump for various reasons. Almost all progressives are attacking Trump because Orange Man Bad and the designated experts are not calling the shots.

I said that I hadn't seen evidence that Trump broke the law in either his campaign or his administration

But that wasn't enough. People thought I should support Trump without reservation. Because at least Trump didn't (insert crime/horrible deed). Because he was the best choice. Least Bad Choice. Lesser Evil.

Because Trump was the last hope for Constitutionality in America.

If one man in his 70s is the last True Hope for America, then America is already gone. The system was broken decades ago.

This is truth.

It is the angle that has been repeatedly and overwhelmingly presented to me. By both "sides."

When I want buffalo BBQ, you're telling me that I only get to order sushi.

As to why I spend so much time and effort on fighting the "system," it's for the same reason I devote energy to Christianity, the politics of victimhood, and the climate change "crisis." No matter what I want, no matter how loud I say no, some good intentioned person is determined to inflict it on me For My Own Good.

What we have is not "limited, constitutional government" and I won't pretend that it is. What we have is a never-ending struggle that is always ALWAYS about everything you hold dear with looming catastrophe just around the corner.

Limited government is a good thing. What we have is a system that locks Americans into a corrupt game they cannot win. When anyone points this out, we're lectured about how this is the best option right now and there will be time later to make lasting change.

Only there never is. Always the power of government is needed for The Greater Good. The system depends on the struggle. Not party platforms. Not ideology. Not on orange haired men who put ketchup on steak.

The system depends on the struggle. Perpetuating the struggle locks you ever more firmly into the system. The system is not a limited, constitutional government.

Honestly I've given up on politics and government saving anyone. At this point all I want to do is protect me and mine from the collapse and build something better from the wreckage. I'm not sure when the Republic failed exactly, but I think it was inevitably doomed when the USA PATRIOT act was signed into law.

All that's left is to watch the spectacle and plan what comes next.