I've been working on a theory. Unfortunately it's mostly speculation but events do seem to support it. I think that after Trump was sworn in, the actual power in the Democrat party moved from the elected officials to the “behind the throne.” To a certain extent this always happens when the Presidency changes from one party to another. But in this case I think Obama wanted to remain part of the power structure and without HRC, there was no one else in the first or second tier of the Democrats. 

I think this got solidified somewhere in the lead up to the 2018 elections, especially as “the Squad” took most of the attention and press. Paraphrasing Douglas Adams, their job wasn't to wield power, but to distract attention away from it. 

From some of the things said and some of the rumors, as early as 2018 the Democrat powers “behind the throne” knew that there was no way Biden could hold any office again. But there was no way they were going to sacrifice power to Bernie Sanders' agenda because so much of it meant dismantling the party structure. 

My tentative conclusion is that neither Biden or Harris are anything except the very public figureheads. The actual decisions will never be theirs to make. If Biden drops out before the actual election, the Democrat Party will complete the metamorphosis from democracy to socialism “in the name of the people.” The rank and file will only be allowed to take their orders, they won't be able to choose their candidates. 

As I said, it's just a theory.


I think it's a good one, though. It is pretty clear that there is something going on over there in that nuthouse, but it hides itself very effectively.

I’ll differ with you in one respect: you think it happened after Trump was sworn in, I think it happened a long time before that. I think it was fully in place and operational before Obama, and is what put him into office. Left to his own devices he's a dope, and a cypher, and he pisses people off in ways both large and small. I go so far as to believe that someone was always running him, he's just not that smart. Among the smaller dumb things he used to do that pissed people off - just to take an example that is both small and dumb - was prop his feet up on the Resolute desk. He did that pretty regularly for the first year or so in office, then, recall that he abruptly stopped. I have always wondered if he stopped because someone grabbed him by the throat, and said something along the lines of: "listen, you little son-of-a-bitch, there's no value to pissing people off unncessarily. It works against us. You're not in the eighth grade anymore, keep your fucking feet off the fucking desk when anyone's liable to see you."

He's just not that smart, though he is pretty good at reading a speech someone wrote for him. Problem is, when they catch up to him outside in the hall after the speech and throw questions at him, off the cuff he's a tongue-tied dope. And anyone with any pretensions to literacy knows perfectly well he didn't write that stupid book, either. His whole act, beginning to end, was to be a cardboard cut-out propped up by someone else.

I don't know who it would be, though. Always the question: who is Mr. Big? It isn't Soros, he doesn't have the resources or, these days, the attention span. Ol' George, a one-time neighbor back in Bedford, NY, is gettin' pretty old, too. (Aren't we all.) He isn't master-minding anything, he's back at the house trying to find his glasses. (I do that pretty often, too - and far too frequently locate them on top of my head.)

It's a puppet show, the democrat operation. But I don't know who the puppeteer might turn out to be. I think they planned on working on the congress, both houses, and figured on losing the white house this cycle.

Harris is a really stupid choice, to put in there with a really stupid choice. But it accomplishes two things: it gets rid of Biden once and for all (and I suspect Mr. Big didn't truly know how far his cheese has slipped off his cracker - but it doesn't matter), and it gets rid of her: an insanely annoying, unaccomplished, big-mouthed, broad spectrum embarrassment. Getting rid of Joe turns out to be not necessary, he's handling it on his own; but getting rid of her is nothing but a plus for someone as yet undetermined with a possible future.

I'd like to know who it is, though.