There’s a problem with being sworn to veritas. People don’t like it. People reject it unless it serves their purpose. People cheer me on until I show that their truths are not universally true.

Right now I have a stalker. He follows me from site to site. His problem is that I don’t engage him on his terms thereby giving him power to judge if my answers are “correct.” He’s not interested in what I think, only if I recite his ideas on cue. He won’t discuss the merits of my ideas. Instead he crams me into a label he thinks he can dismiss.

He’s not the only one. I don’t like the fallout from Cassandra’s role. But it seems to go hand in hand with Isiah’s Job.

Neopagans like me as a quirky ally as long as I speak and write against those nasty conservative Christians. But the moment I hold progressives and modern liberals to the same standards they hold conservative Christians to, well, that’s when I’m dangerous.

Conservatives like me as that crazy libertarian as long as I speak and write against those “destructive” progressives and modern liberals. But If I start saying that sometimes those on the left have some points that conservatives should listen to, well then it’s “Leper Outcast Unclean.”

We all need our devils and we don’t like looking too close into the mirror. Then we just might see what’s peeking over our shoulders. Or dwelling deep in our eyes.

The vice or virtue is not in the label, it's in the individual. No one deserves a pass because of the label, and no one should be ignored because of the label.

It’s the greatest failing in politics. We refuse to subject ourselves and our “allies” to the criticism and vitriol that we inflict on our targets. And when there is someone like me who uses a different standard of measurement, well, I’m a troublemaker. I’m dangerous. I’m someone who must be cast out. I’m a threat to the status quo. I must not be allowed to speak less I tempt others into my “apostasy.”

That’s the thing with honoring veritas, you can’t do it selectively and still maintain the honor.

So I’m dangerous. I’m a troublemaker. I make the wrong observations and ask highly inconvenient questions. People like it so long as they aren’t targeted. This is truth.

And I’m going to keep doing it.