During the 2020 election, there were shenanigans in five states. This was made possible because existing election laws were “temporarily” ignored because of the COVID pandemic. I think that was one reason why the COVID panic was played up and extended. I live in Arizona, one of the five states in question. I can tell you with certainty that rest of the state doesn't believe what Maricopa County says happened.

We're asked to accept that Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump, who in turn got more votes than Obama. Biden was a C-lister before he was Vice President. He was picked because if someone took Obama down, we'd be left with Biden.

Anyway, there's documentation now that the results of from those five states was irregular at best. So of course Democrats want to federalize elections to protect the voters.


Congress can't be trusted to do that. And I can prove that statement in three words.

Campaign finance reform.

Mind you, the very same party that is pushing for election reform also wants to limit free speech. Some want to remove Congressional Republicans from office. And they want to prevent Trump from running again, despite Trump being convicted of no crime. Some want to criminalize criticism of Biden or even they themselves. 

And lest we forget, the Democrat Jim Crow policies were a major reason why the 14th and 15th  Amendments were passed in the first place. Congress has used those amendments to assume power over elections. While I agree with the amendments, I disagree that Congress or the Federal Courts should have any power over election results. I think those powers should be reserved exclusively to the states. Until the 14th and 15th, they were.

The United States is unique. No previous nation had both a Republican government and states balancing the power of the central government. It's been called a laboratory of democracy, where each of the fifty states can experiment to find better ways to do things.  The current Democrat election "reform" effort is little more than giving one party a perpetual electoral victory, all supervised by the Federal government.

Understand, the job of government IS NOT to “get things done.” American government exists to defend freedom. Anything more is a corruption.

The only reason Federal politicos want power of elections is so the “proper” people and ideas win. They want to control what you hear, and who is “representing” you. All for the Greater Good. Because they don't trust you to make your own choice.

The only two things it costs is your liberty and your ability to dissent.