I voted None of the Above.

I do not like Donald Trump. I do not trust Donald Trump. I DO NOT support Trump. He's a bully, he's boorish, he has an ego that won't stop. And he gets things done. In short, the very picture of an effective 1980s business man.

I just do not think Trump is the Ultimate Manifestation of Evil. Especially since some of the big names going after him now were singing his praises years ago.

Based on what the man has done before he “got politics,” Trump is not exactly a friend of freedom. He tried to use eminent domain to get property. He has sued newspapers and reporters and wants to make it easier to sue them in the future.

It's said that you can measure a man by his opposition. Trump is certainly the best example of that. The very same people making the most noise about Trump's actions are the ones who would be doing it themselves if they had the power.

The Democrats make Trump look good. I may never forgive them for that.

Whatever you might say about Trump before his nomination (and I could say a lot), there's no evidence that he broke the law either as a candidate or as President.

No evidence.

It's been more than four years since Democrat politicos have been going after Trump. He's gotten more bad press than any American politico in history. Some analysis put the negative coverage of Trump at well over 90% of all news about him. But he holds on with an approval rating well over 45%. No American politician before Trump survived years of constantly negative press.

Trump plays the press better than President since Reagan, and he plays the politicos better than anyone since Johnson. There's a quote from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie that I like to use to describe Trump.

“You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of.”

“But you have heard of me.”

That is Trump in a nutshell. Love him or hate him, you have heard of him. No matter the opposure press stories, they and you pay close attention.

I think Trump played a character named The Donald. I think there is a pretty good brain in there that focuses on results while using his appearance to distract. I think he pushes people's buttons so they are off balance. I think he's very careful not to reveal all his goals before it's too late to stop him.

The enemedia keeps forgetting Trump played the PR game for decades in NYC of all places. Between the sports team he owned and his real estate deals, The Donald got very, very good. And that was before his reality TV stint.

The biggest single problem with most recent criticisms against Trump is that they aren't true. It's not about what Trump has done, it's about what can be most easily sold. So Trump is called a racist. A misogynist. An uneducated fool. An ignorant bumbler. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to knock him. But these aren't the things making headlines.

The real question is if Donald Trump is a bad President. A little better than average I'd say, and a smidge better than his immediate predecessors. The man is mostly doing the job. That's more than you can say about any President since Nixon was elected. Yes, he's breaking the “new world order,” but I am not sure that is a bad thing. I'm not interested in globalism and income redistribution. I want a better life for me and mine. I want more liberty.

Donald Trump's one virtue is that he is a disrupter. The reason why he was elected is because people don't trust the institutions anymore. Trump is going to bring all that down. He's already wrecked the Democrats. He's wrecking the Republicans. There may not be a party system left in America after his term. And then there is China…

I'm not a fan. But Trump is doing.