Of course I have my own solution for campaign finance reform. You've seen me touch on it before. And in these days of Soros-funded prosecutors and questionable foreign connections, we should consider it seriously. 

Keep it simple. 

First, only American citizens residing in the area affected by the election can donate to any campaign. If you live in Nebraska, you cannot contribute to a campaign in California. 

Yes, this would rule out corporations and foundations making donations. Yes, this would destroy the power of the existing political parties. They are not citizens, they can not contribute under any circumstances. Elected officials answer to the citizens, not to the parties or corporate donors. 

All donations must be fully reported and publicized by each campaign within twenty-four hours. 

Any violation of these two rules would result in immediate forfeiture of the entire contribution plus an additional thirteen percent. If the campaign has insufficient funds, then the candidate and all campaign officials share personal liability for the entire forfeiture. 

The power to administer and enforce these laws should belong exclusively to the states, and the Federal courts shall have no jurisdiction over campaign finance or election results. 

Those last three words are really, really really important. 

That’s it. Simple and less than a page long. Is there anyone except professional politicians that thinks it won’t work?