There it was folks. The sock-puppet President. Lying through his teeth.

"Armed insurrection." What arms? The ones the rioters were born with?

Yes, it was a riot. There are rumors that it was provoked by Federal agents. Even the New York Times is asking what happened to certain people from the FBI Most Wanted List from just after the riots. 

What it looks like is Biden (or who is pulling his strings) is a petty crybaby desperately distracting Americans from his failures. There have been a lot of failures. I'm not going to list them here.

There was exactly one person killed that day, Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran. Unlike George Floyd, she didn't get memorials all over the world. Which is odd, considering that both were killed by police officers.

I look at what happened during the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings. I look at the official response to the "mostly peaceful protests" burning things during the summer of 2020. The phrase "double standard" comes to mind, and then gets triple underlined and double highlighted by the actions and remarks of certain elected Democrats.

On the other hand, Congressional response was totally overblown. Capital police response was at best mixed. There may have been FBI provocateurs, which taken with the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping trial, raises some extremely interesting and terrifying questions.

What violence? Were there running gun battles on January 6th? Molotov cocktails hurled from street corners? Vehicle fleets rammed against crowds and buildings?  Stabbings? Something that didn't make the news perhaps? Something that a news junkie like me missed?

Even the FBI admitted they couldn't find proof of a domestic terrorism plot for January 6th. Of course that didn't get the national headlines.

If there was no "armed insurrection," then the Trumpet can't be blamed?

So why is Joe Biden lying to you?