You see politics and the proper use of government as a solution, I see it as a major part of the problem. You think if you can just master politics and get the right people in place, you can "hold the line" against those who dare threaten your beloved nation. And I see your "solution" making things worse. It's so obvious to me it's all I can do to keep from screaming at you, grabbing the back of your head, and rubbing your face in the offal that government has produced.

We've been conditioned to demand that government is part of the solution, that politics are necessary for our everyday life, and that our fellow humans (but not us, never us) need to be regulated and controlled for the common good. It's those assumptions that doomed our nation. And except for the crazies like those nutty libertarians, no one is willing to give up the "power over" in the name of liberty. It's always all or nothing, a demand to support your "side" because at least you aren't quite as bad (today) as the Other Guys.

The transition is complete. It's no longer about liberty. It's about perpetuating the system. We're witnessing the greatest economic disruption in history. In America it was launched without legal authority solely for political reasons, and we're arguing over statues and if Disney World is right to ban neck gaiters and if noses should be covered by masks. We've got government officials openly breaking the law surveilling citizens, and we're arguing if corporate mascots are offensive. We've got an income tax system that assumes people are guilty and we're actually debating which elected officials should be subject to transparency.

So yeah, America is doomed. You can't save it with politics because politics put us here. Politics is about as anti-freedom as you can get, and people bitch at me because I don't support their guy at all costs. And the more government you pile on, the more spending, the more regulations, the more law (all for the Right Reasons), the faster the system will collapse. Because the American Revolution wasn't about "the system," it was about liberty.

So the nation is doomed. What do we do right now so liberty can live tomorrow? Are you brave enough to take a chance to make it better?