What happens after Trump?

That question gets me death glares like nothing else. Except back when I asked progressives “What happens after Obama?”

Bear with me for just a bit. Assume (for the moment) that Trump is exactly what we need when we need it. Assume that he does exactly what needs to be done. Regulations and laws reduced. Border fence. Booming economy. Let's even say that he reduces government spending. He can't do it without expanding the power and reach of government, and he can't do it without expanding the power of the Executive Branch and the Presidency. And in a year or five, Trump rides off into sunset, a beloved hero and leader of historic proportions. Everything is better, the county is on the right path, or at least the path you approve.

But what one President can do, another can undo. What one Congress can do, another can undo. The opposition can't be silenced. They will fight back just as hard as you would against one of theirs. Every day it will take more and more just to stay in place. The struggle will consume your lives, your fortunes, and your passions. Just as it was intended.

Did you catch that last sentence? I hope you did. It's pretty important.

See, the system is not about preserving and protecting liberty. It's not about the revolution. It's not about anything you can win. It's not even about achieving your goals and marking your success. The system is about the struggle. It's designed so no one can win except in the very short term. It's about distracting you with the crisis so you never worry about the system. It's about conning you into believing that if you can just get “your guy” into office, your problems will be solved.

Until your guy is out of office. Until the next crisis. And it's always, always the Other Guy's fault.

Of course, if you just work hard enough, give enough of your time, energy, and passion into getting your guy in, you might make a difference. For a while.

For a little while. 

It's not enough. There is no way you can keep the Other Guys away from government forever and ever and ever. If you can use government against them, they can use government against you. The specific targets may change, but always the results will stay the same. More government. More law. More regulation. More taxes. More spending.

Then comes that killer question.

What happens after Trump?

What happens after your guy?

Isn't the country supposed to be about liberty and not conflict?

Maybe the real problem isn't who is in charge, but what we expect government to do. Maybe the problem is the power we're willing to hand over so government does what we think we want. 

Until it's used against us.

I think that's the key. And it's what all the politicos and technocrats don't want you to think about. The best way to protect your freedom and liberty is to make it available to everyone, everywhere, and every time. Yes, there are common sense boundaries. Your freedom doesn't control my thoughts, words, and actions. Mine doesn't control yours. I'm responsible for me. You are responsible for you. Anything else is because we chose to build it between ourselves. Without government declaring what can and can't be done. Without someone taking Official Offense. Without someone calling in Daddy or Mommy Government to make it all better.

Just what we can persuade each other to do. No coercion. No government threat.

What happens after Trump?

Freedom could reign. But it won't be Trump who gave it to you.