I believe in truth, liberty and the uniform rule of law in that order.

Even when I tell them, people don’t know what to expect from me. Sooner or later, they want me on “their” side. They seldom realize that I’m on my side. I’m sworn to veritas. I hold everybody and everything to one standard. A label doesn’t get a pass from me.

So yes, go after the hypocrisy and corruption of the Other Guys. Just don’t expect to shield Your Guys from the consequences of their behavior.

When that happens, inevitably, I become a “threat to public discourse.” Your side that was cheering me for going after the Other Guys doesn’t like it when I criticize Your Guys. But if the Other Guys were wrong for breaking the rules, then Your Guys have to meet the same standard. There’s no “lesser evil,” there is just convenient evils that put Your Guys “in charge” for a while.

Yes, I have a “secret” agenda. It’s so secret that I share it whenever I can. It’s so very secret that I took time to set it down, cross reference it, and put it in my lexicon.

I’m not for your cause. I’m for veritas. I’m for liberty. I’m for the uniform rule of law.

Can you say the same?

Can I trust you?