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Here are a some banners I made to advertise the original site. I’ve added the slogans in text so that the search engines pick up the phrases.

“Authority progresses and freedom regresses.”

“A concerned citizen but with a different faith.”

“Hang on to your freedom! It’s an election year!”

“Keep Your Freakin’ Hands Off!”

“Because FREEDOM demands more than just black and white.”

“Call me a fool for freedom”

“Government authority tends to be used against those least likely to resist.”

“It’s not FREEDOM if you only DEFEND the inoffensive”

“I’m willing to live and let live. Why won’t they return the favor?”

“Government is not your friend.”

“‘For you own good,’ and all it will cost is your LIBERTY”

“Government can’t make the ‘right’ choices for a FREE people”

“Politicos want problems they can stage manage.”

“Pagan philosopher, libertarian, and part time trouble maker”

“If government doesn’t trust you, why should you trust government?”

“I do not trust in the wisdom of government.”

“The only faiths worthy of freedom are those freely chosen.”

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