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The anthropomorphic anthropogenic global warming arguments collapse under their own deceit

Climategate seems to be the label that's sticking, but my personal favorite is Warmergate.

Moving from knowns to unknowns, here's what we know.

Almost all arguments for anthropomorphic global warming are based on the data and projections from a very small handful of institutions. The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia is probably the keystone. Most of the published conclusions of the 2007 IPCC report are based on CRU datasets and projections.

I say published because there is evidence that in the 2001 report, the published version does not agree with what the panel agreed on. There is also some evidence that support for the 2001 report as published was a major qualification for serving on the panel that produced the 2007 report.

Although several institutions provided information on global warming, it's safe to say that CRU was the keystone. Over the years, CRU has avoided providing the raw data for their projections, or the methodology of how their conclusions were reached. Attempts to obtain the data through the IPCC have been stonewalled by UN officials.

About two weeks ago, someone published 61 megabytes of data on a Russian server and announced it at several climate skeptic sites. Of course Russian servers are not subject to UK law and therefore no court action by the CRU could prevent access to the data. The data wasn't hacked, almost certainly it was "leaked" by an insider. The data was illegally put on the internet, but it wasn't falsified. That is important to remember.

These include emails, data, and computer code. The real telling bit is a file called "HARRY_READ_Me.txt." It's very long, but there are some comments on the file here, In many cases, the original raw data doesn't even exist anymore, making any projections scientifically useless.

There's little doubt that the scientists at CRU manipulated the data, gave false conclusions, and conspired to suppress dissent.

Remember, this isn't all the data from CRU. But it's practically the only data that outsiders have been able to examine. Under the circumstances, ALL CRU data and projections are tainted.

That's been the hardest thing for me to explain to some of my friends. "But can't they just use the good data?"

"Botch after botch," the Harry file reads. There's no way to separate the good stuff from the bad.

The data is toxic.

The researchers are radioactive. And President Obama's science czar is up to his neck in the scandal.

This isn't one instance. This is something that went on for decades, again and again and again. It wasn't just "goosing" the data, it was puree. None of the existing data or projections or climate models can be used. Ever. This isn't the climate skeptics saying this, this is because the existing data can't be verified. Certain scientists perverted science to their Cause. More on that Cause bit later.

There is only one way we can discover a) if global warming exists, b) if global warming is unusual, c) if global warming is entirely or mostly human caused, and d) if global warming is bad. We have to determine those answers before we can tell e) if human action can reverse or slow global warming, and f) if humans should take action to prevent global warming.

Notice that this is a progression, there's no point in dealing with e or f until we've answered a, b, c, and d in that order. And yes, four of those look very familiar for a reason.

The existing data is toxic. So we need new data, new measurements. And total transparency. No secret methods. Nothing reserved for the Elect. Everything has to be open to examination. There is no other way to make sure it's valid.

Yes, that should have been done in the first place. And that brings us to the Cause.

Reading through the emails, it's pretty obvious that for certain scientists, anthropomorphic anthropogenic global warming was just the means to an end. They knew that the data didn't hold up. Science and truth would be subverted for the greater good. Nothing could be allowed to derail the Cause. Yes folks, behold True Believers™. Their sacred cause was Redeeming Humanity Through the Destruction of the Free Market.

Basically they believed that Most People Are Too Stupid to Make The Right Choice. Remember that, it has implications far beyond this scandal.

You didn't think they had just one arrow in their quiver, do you?

It's not an organized conspiracy, more of a disorganized one. What unites this cabal is the unshakable believe that People Are Too Stupid For Their Own Good. Therefore, Wise and Enlightened Leaders Must Make the Proper Choices.

Or as Daniel Webster put it so well:

"In every generation there are those who want to rule well - but they mean to rule. They promise to be good masters - but they mean to be masters."
— Daniel Webster

Yes I know I used that quote recently, but it fits. Webster certainly wasn't the only one.

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."
— H.L. Mencken

I used that one too. Here's one I haven't used recently on this blog.

NeoWayland's Technopagan Yearnings

Okay, okay, that one is mine. It still applies though.

I can honestly say that I have no idea if global warming exists, or if humanity is responsible. What I can say is that the evidence so far didn't support the conclusions. I can also say that there was a politically motivated conspiracy to keep people from questioning the global warming dogma.

It's not just global warming. Apparently you are too stupid to choose your health care. Anytime an Authority Figure® tries to limit your choices, you should ask why.

Free to make your own choices, that is what liberty is.

Watch for this scandal to be glossed over, it's already starting. The Cause isn't global warming, it's Control.

Update - Regular reader BTHO pointed out on 24Feb2010 that the correct term is anthropogenic, not anthropomorphic.

— NeoWayland

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