EPA uses "carbon pollution" to extort

Another excuse for "offers they can't refuse"

Well, we were expecting this. Emphasis added.

Usually it takes an act of Congress to change an act of Congress, but Team Obama isn't about to let democratic—or even Democratic—consent interfere with its carbon extortion racket. To avoid the political firestorm of regulating the neighborhood coffee shop, the EPA is justifying its invented rule on the basis of what it calls the "absurd results" doctrine. That's not a bad moniker for this whole exercise.

The EPA admits that it is "departing from the literal application of statutory provisions." But it says the courts will accept its revision because literal application will produce results that are "so illogical or contrary to sensible policy as to be beyond anything that Congress could reasonably have intended."

Did you get that?

If they followed the law's definition of pollution, the results would be far beyond anything that Congress could have possibly wanted.

By their own admission.

This is a Federal agency that is deliberately setting out to manipulate the law against those companies with the most to lose.

Now, why should this matter to you?

Because those companies will raise their prices. And that will hit your wallet.

The economy is interconnected. Raise taxes and fees in one place and the costs are distributed throughout the system. But that isn't the important part.

If a Federal agency is breaking the law, then what is to stop ALL Federal agencies from breaking the law if the goal is the "common good?"

Another example of the Chicago way, as pioneered by Al Capone.

— NeoWayland

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