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Scary picture in the UK over light bulbs

As of September 1st, it will be illegal in the UK to import incandescent light bulbs.

The public has been asked to spy on shopkeepers who continue to sell traditional bulbs.

Individuals who import incandescent bulbs into the EU face a huge fine, and companies who do the same face unlimited fines.

Now think about this for just a second.

Running a standard light bulb costs pennies per year.

A 14 watt compact fluorescent bulb is "equivalent" to a 60 watt standard incandescent. Some incandescent bulbs like G.E.'s "Reveal" line deliver the same amount of light at about two-thirds the wattage of a standard bulb.

But that is not the whole picture.

CFL bulbs are harder to manufacture and much harder to dispose of than standard bulbs.

Translation, CFL bulbs cost more to buy and use.

So, if a standard bulb is much cheaper, much more flexible, much easier to dispose of, and the total savings are negligible, there is one question that no one wants to answer.

Why does government have to point a gun at consumers to get them to do "the right thing?"

— NeoWayland

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