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Another view of global warming

Another great opinion piece on global warming. I really liked this bit.

I'm not a naysayer. I'm a scientist who believes in the scientific method and in what facts tell us. I have worked for 40 years to try to improve our environment and improve human life as well. I believe we can do this only from a basis in reality, and that is not what I see happening now. Instead, like fashions that took hold in the past and are eloquently analyzed in the classic 19th century book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds," the popular imagination today appears to have been captured by beliefs that have little scientific basis.

Yes, I know I cite a great many opinion pieces on global warming.

That's because the facts come across as boring.

But then, almost every argument that the global warming apologists introduce is also an opinion, isn't it?

— NeoWayland

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