Political prize

Science is ignored again while the politics "vindicate" Al Gore

So Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his "work" on global warming.

Remember, the Peace Prize does not have anything to do with science, it is highly political. The Peace Prize does not validate Gore's claims.

We know the claims in An Inconvenient Truth are inaccurate, so much so that a British judge has ruled that the film is misleading. There are recognized climate experts like Dr. William Grey who point out that Gore and his supporters don't know how the atmosphere works. And even among those who believe that humanity is responsible for global warming, the disaster just isn't there.

I still want to know how this part of the cycle is unusual, before we even try to show that humans are responsible. I want realistic information before judging if the results are EEEEVVVILLL! And if the results are bad, I want to know what human action can do.

If that looks familiar, it should. They are the same things I have been demanding for years ever since global warming became hip. I want common sense, and I don't think that is too much to ask.

The thing is, Gore has been exaggerating since at least Earth In The Balance and the various progressive politicos don't bother to call him on it. As much as I dislike either/or propositions, it does seem to reduce to two possibilities. Either there are a bunch of really stupid/lazy politicians or the goal of the global warming movement was never about the environment.

Since the solution to the global warming "problem" is almost identical with a socialist industrial policy, I will leave it for you to decide.

And just a reminder, ethanol costs more than gasoline, delivers less power per gallon, pollutes more, and corn subsidies have derailed global food prices over the last couple of years.

— NeoWayland

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