Another reason why some lawyers are despicable

Lawyers lining up to cash in on global warming lawsuits

Reading things like this do more to discredit the whole human-caused global warming movement than anything else.

The Dallas Morning News' Eric Torbenson examines a potential growth area for business plaintiffs' lawyers and another burgeoning risk for business -- lawsuits asserting responsibility for damagres caused by climate change. And guess who's right in the middle of it? None other than Houston's longtime business plaintiff's lawyer, Steve Susman:

Steve Susman of Susman Godfrey in Houston has been a pioneer in such litigation. He led the charge this year to force TXU Energy into building fewer coal-fired plants in Texas than it had planned.

Now he's among several lawyers talking with a group of Inuits in northern Canada who have seen an entire island sink under rising seas from global warming. The tribe is weighing its options, including suing carbon-emitting corporations such as power companies for heating the planet, he said.

"Melting glaciers isn't going to get that much going, but wait until the first big ski area closes because it has no snow," said Mr. Susman, who teaches a climate-change litigation course at the University of Houston Law School. "Or wait until portions of lower Manhattan and San Francisco are under water."

Some lawyers are trying to tie the damage from Hurricane Katrina to global warming – and the energy companies who may have contributed to that warming.

It's official, we've moved from hysteria to public events and lawsuits.

STILL without any science to back up the claims.

— NeoWayland

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