Al Gore blames you for global warming

Former VP and failed presidential candidate confuses consensus with science

Al Gore is one of those people I really wish would disappear for a while. He is rabble-rousing again.

In an extraordinary outburst aimed at America's failure to tackle global warming, Al Gore says that if scientific agreement on the climate crisis had been reached sooner it would have been easier to "galvanise the public and persuade Congress to act".

The failed presidential candidate claims that the stronger scientific consensus he knew was about to emerge meant "we in the US were about to shift into high gear in addressing the climate crisis". Mr Gore argues that if he had made it to the White House, he would have been able to use the office as a "bully pulpit" to achieve change.

"The nature and severity of the climate crisis had seemed painfully obvious to me for quite a long time," claims Mr Gore, writing in a new foreword to a revised edition of his book, Earth in the Balance, being published this week.

In a swipe at the scientific community, he says: "I wish that we could have had in the 1990s the deafening scientific consensus that has emerged in more recent years."

Okay, let's start at the beginning.

Gore is awfully fond of that word "consensus."

Science is not about consensus.

Before Robert Goddard's rocket experiments, the consensus was that space travel was impossible.

In the 1940s, the consensus was that a diet heavy with red meat and breads was healthy for you.

In the 1950s, the consensus was that no individual would ever own a home computer because computers would never fit in the home.

Science is about what can be proven. That means what can be measured and predicted.

Consensus is about belief which may or may not be backed up by science.

The two are not interchangeable.

Now, with that said, even Gore's supporters acknowledge that he exaggerates the numbers. That is assuming that you agree with the idea of anthropologic global warming.

The weather is not the same every October 15th, it's different each year. Some years are colder, some warmer. Our world can't be perfectly predicted, it's random. That is Nature for you.

Human caused global warming has not been proven.

So why does Al Gore keep trying to guilt people into doing what he wants? It's a tactic that the modern liberals have used for years. If you accept the guilt, then you give up your moral right to question the argument. All you can do is submit to the demands. It's been quite effective. And that is why progressive movements can't tolerate dissent. The morality of their argument is based entirely on guilt.

That is why consensus replaces science in their arguments.

— NeoWayland

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