"first hand evidence that climate change is a reality"

Posturing for the international press

Given her history, I can't take Nancy Pelosi seriously when she talks about climate change. She's a political opportunist who regularly jumps on the latest fad and headline to further her own agenda.

Which is basically defined as "George Bush bad, Democrats will save America."

Getting back to reality for just a bit, you can't claim global climate change by what you see in one place. You can't even claim climate change based on one year or one decade or one century.

While the Congresswoman was in Greenland, there was snow in parts of the US, Canada, and England (thanks to Newsbusters for the links). Just a little bit of a discrepancy, wouldn't you say?

The evidence for global warming is shaky at best. The case for human-caused global warming is nearly non-existant. If you are interested, check out my FAQ on the subject.

Without the simple proofs that the weather is unusual and that humans are responsible, Pelosi's comments only add hot air.

— NeoWayland

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