Major snowstorms are the perfect time to talk about global warming

It makes at least as much sense as talking about global warming during the hottest months of the year

Just remember, they tell us, it's global warming that must be stopped.

Not frozen interstates. Or ten hour waits at airports because the runways are frozen.

Global warming.

And even if weather changes aren't being caused by human action, what of it?

What's that? You didn't hear about that last one? You should have.

The impact of cosmic rays on the climate could be greater than scientists suspect after experiments showed they may have a pivotal role in cloud formation.

Researchers have managed to replicate the effect of cosmic rays on the aerosols in the atmosphere that help to create clouds. Henrik Svensmark, a weather scientist in Denmark, said the experiments suggested that man’s influence on global warming might be rather less than was supposed by the bulk of scientific opinion.

Cosmic rays — radiation, or particles of energy, from stars, which bombard the Earth — can create electrically charged ions in the atmosphere that act as a magnet for water vapour, causing clouds to form.

Dr Svensmark suggests that the Sun, at a historically high level of activity, is deflecting many of the cosmic rays away from Earth and thus reducing the cloud cover.

Clouds reflect the Sun’s rays back into space and are considered to have an important cooling effect. However, if during periods of high activity the Sun’s magnetic field pushes a greater proportion of cosmic rays away from the Earth, fewer clouds will form.

This illustrates the whole issue.

We don't know what's happening.

We don't know if we can change it.

But we're not allowed to question the agenda.

I just want debate.

— NeoWayland

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