Follow the global warming money - Updated

It is not just the critics who have political connections

Warren Meyer nails it.

So can I assume from all the angst over this that no scientist who is a strong proponent of anthropomorphic* global warming has ever accepted money or an honorarium for their research or publication?  May I assume that no environmental group has ever screened who they were going to give research grants to based on the scientist's prior writings and outlook on the topic?

I absolutely agree with him. There is no such thing as untainted money in science. The Righteousness of the Cause and Purity of Faith does not protect from corruption and should not excuse someone from criticism. If the money backing critics of global warming can be questioned, then so can the money backing global warming apologists.

I am still constantly amazed that I have to remind Pagans of this. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism, it doesn't matter if it is green, Christian, Muslim or anything else.

Or we could lose the political angle entirely and stick to the science...

Update - Regular reader BTHO pointed out on 24Feb2010 that the correct term is anthropogenic, not anthropomorphic*. Somewhere I changed it in my notes and didn't catch it. This time at least, it wasn't my quote.

— NeoWayland

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