Common sense versus global warming

Why doesn't the mainstream press call the alarmist on their statements?

The global warming alarmists are getting louder. Emphasis added.

The effects of global warming are being felt around the world and unless international efforts are launched within the next 10 years, species will disappear and the Earth will be a vastly less habitable planet by the end of the century, according to NASA scientist James E. Hansen.

"Global warming is already starting, and there's going to be more of it. I think there is still time to deal with global warming, but we need to act soon. Humans now control global climate, for better or worse," Hansen said Tuesday at an annual gathering of meteorologists.

Let's take a quick look, shall we?

First, it's not like plant and animal species ever went extinct WITHOUT human action one way or another. Oops! Looks like maybe they have.

"Earth will be a vastly less habitable planet." For who, animals, plants, or humans? For the last 200,000 years, there has been plenty of evidence of all. About ten thousand years ago, we entered a interglacial period where the climate got warmer. Not surprisingly, that dovetails ALMOST exactly with the rise of human civilization.

General rule, the warmer and damper the climate is, the more life it supports.

Second general rule, life adapts. Not by "choosing" which forms survive, but by conserving success in response to local conditions.

If humans now control global climate, then why all the fuss about global warming? The simple answer is that humans do not control the climate or the weather. You can't have it both ways.

But if humans can be blamed for "terrible" climate changes to come, than that justifies controlling human action.

These soundbites are meant to stampede people into giving up their freedom.

— NeoWayland

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