What about that weather?

Surprising response from the National Weather Service

In all the noise about global warming and the abnormal winter we're having, I just want to point out one quote.

The city hasn't seen one since last spring. Not even a trace flurry. The last time that happened was in the winter of 1877-1878, according to the National Weather Service.

Who's to blame? Joe Pollina, meteorologist with the weather service, said don't start pointing fingers at global warming -- not yet anyway.

"For global warming, you have to look at years, not just days," he said. "This is probably associated with El Nino that's occurring right now."

El Nino is a cyclical warming trend now under way in the Pacific Ocean, which can lead to milder weather, particularly in the Northeast.

"We are not able to tap into the Arctic air of Canada," Pollina said. But added snow could come later this month.

"There's a definitely a chance ... but everything has to come together," he said.

— NeoWayland

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