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Muzzling the global warming discussion

Sorry, been feeling tired and out of sorts.

Election season always takes it out of me. I am so tired of political promises.

Juliaki sent me a link to this article.

The question is not if this White House tried to muzzle scientists, any more than it is that the Clinton Administration tried to muzzle critics of global warming (they did).

The first question is what constitutes "muzzling."

The second question is why a supposedly scientific debate has become a major political issue.

Based on the evidence so far, it's not about global warming. It's about economic control.

In this case, there is not enough evidence in the article to say if it is "muzzling" or not. The Dixie Chicks still claim censorship even though there was no government action against them. Cher proclaimed that the re-election of George Bush would mean that homosexuality would be outlawed. Bill Clinton told the world that it depended on what the definition of "is" is.

That has at least as much to do with global warming as the Big Bang does.

I am critical of the global warming apologists because they haven't made their case and they imply that all scientists or at least all reputable scientists believe that global warming is exclusively human caused and it is A BAD THING.

That's not true, we know it's not true, and simple web searches can show it's not true. Yet it is constantly reported as "fact." Even this article reports "scientists say" instead of "some scientists say."

Here's a fact for you, by far most of the stories I see about global warming are not about measurable climate differences, but about people's belief in global warming. If you weed out the poll results, the celebrity comments, the posturing by politicians, and the publicity stunts, you are left with one word.


Science isn't measured by politics, by poll results, or by celebrity announcements.

The goal is to do it "for your own good."

And the cost will be your freedom

— NeoWayland

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