Can we make up our minds?

Cracks in climate science show that we don't understand everything

Two interesting articles.

In the first, "top" climate scientists have revised the global warming estimates downward.

In the second, Russian scientists are forecasting global cooling (hat tip Catallarchy blog, be sure to read the comments).

It's disagreements like this that tell me we still need to have a debate on global warming.

I am not a weather or climate expert. But I have sat through enough budget meetings to know when statistical games are being played. It's all in how you show the numbers and in which numbers you choose to show.

At the same time, I am historian enough to know that a centrally managed economy always leads to disaster. Something that gets overlooked in most grand plans for utopia. We've finally reached a point with our technology where decentralizing brings more benefits than centralizing. The only thing that could maybe stop that is a appropriate global cataclysm.

That is why the global warming apologists don't want dissent from their dogma. That is why no one is allowed to question the math.

It's not about global warming, it is about power and suppressing freedom.

— NeoWayland

Posted: Sat - September 2, 2006 at 05:19 PM  Tag

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