Politicizing the science of global warming

A blog argues that the critics of global warming are politicizing the science

I saw this bit at Global Warming Watch talking about how the global warming skeptics are politicizing the science.

What science?

Assuming for the moment that there is a measurable connection between the global temperature and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, we have no way to test it. We do have history, and there were periods when the atmospheric carbon levels were higher than they are today or anytime during the 20th Century.

So for all the marbles, did those periods coincide with hotter global climate or not? Let's start by examining the last million years or so.

Understand, this is the only way we have to measure any correlation short of those notoriously inaccurate computer models.

The short answer his that carbon in the air does not seem to relate to global temperature unless you cherry pick the period you are measuring. This article at TCS Daily would seem to bear that out.

There is about the same relationship between atmospheric carbon and global warming as there was the length of hemlines and the value of the New York Stock Exchange during the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

And we still haven't eliminated all the other factors that could be influencing the weather, everything from natural weather cycles to sunspot activity. The vast majority of those other factors don't have anything to do with human activity.

What's interesting is that today I also saw this from a U.S. Senate Committee criticizing this report from AP that gives Al Gore's film a much needed boost. The interesting thing is that the AP restricted their sample to those who have seen the film.

My question is how many of those people are likely to be global warming advocates?

I want to see debate. Real debate. I want the math and methodology examined. I want answers to my four questions.

I want to see the criticisms answered instead of swept under the rug.

And if you are going to discredit the critics by who they are associated with, I think it is only fair to discredit the advocates by the same guidelines.

— NeoWayland

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