Another paper calls Al Gore to task

I wish I had copyrighted the idea that Al Gore and others are using the global warming scare as a religion

Debra J. Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle has a few things to say about Al Gore and the global warming scare.

Scientists acknowledge contradictory data. But the faith-driven Gore argues that all scientists agree with him -- well, except for those who are bought and paid for by big polluters.

Because this is a crusade -- and not about science -- Gore is drawn, not to the most reasoned scenarios, but the most apocalyptic.

Consider this exchange with ABC's George Stephanopoulos -- formerly of the Clinton/Gore administration -- who questioned Gore's prediction that global-warming could cause sea levels to rise 20 feet. "But the consensus is several inches over the next century. Right?" asked Stephanopoulos on June 4. "Not 20 feet?"

"Not at all," Gore replied. He added that the scientists he talks to -- his disciples, if you will -- see it his way. He ignores the less catastrophic theories, which predict a rise of an inch per decade, or three feet over the next century. To Gore, the worst-case scenario is the only scenario.

I thought Gore's chart comparing carbon-dioxide increases to temperature spikes was dramatic. But because Gore omits what he does not want to see, I have to listen to former NASA scientist, Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama, when he tells me, "It is an alarming chart, but there are so many alternative explanations for what he's showing. He's giving it one possible explanation and making it sound like the only explanation." Spencer says it is "more likely" that the higher temperatures increased carbon-dioxide levels.

The real question is who is willing to debate? Al Gore is not. Speaking from experience, dogmatic fundamentalists seldom are.

I don't think we know everything about global climate. But the global warming scaremongers are claiming that they do and no other science matters.

You know, when I started this site, my very first post was my True Believer Rant.

I had been dealing with the global warming scare for years at that point. Usually people can't believe that I am a Pagan and I don't believe that global warming should be a big concern yet. Ask me about pollution and sustainable resources and some of the gods-awful things that pass as architecture and I will talk your ear off. But when it comes to global warming, I've seen too much number-massaging in my Corporate Clone days to accept the arguments without question.

Especially since it is based on computer models.

Anyway, it is great to see other people looking at the case for global warming critically. You should no more accept the claims (INCLUDING mine) about global warming than you should let someone else decide your faith. Look at people what people say, and then go find someone who disagrees. Find out who has done the research and thinking and who is just parroting. Find out who is willing to have the data and methods examined.

Then judge for yourself.

Hat tip Greenie Watch.

— NeoWayland

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