Bush's environmental record

Substantially more than "nothing"

If a Democrat President pulled this off, it would be front page news.

What has that been? Easterbrook was writing about a program called Methane to Markets, which the Bush administration negotiated among several countries in 2004. He noted that most news outlets didn't report a thing about it. Yet, the program promises a reduction in methane -- a greenhouse gas 23 times more powerful than the carbon dioxide that is the focus of most news reporting -- equal to the reductions in greenhouse gases from the more heralded Kyoto Protocol.

One of the fruits of the methane to markets program came last week. China, a chief emitter of methane from its coal mines, has signed an agreement to buy 60 methane generators from Caterpillar Inc. for $58 million. The generators will take in the methane from its largest coal mine, reducing explosions and improving safety and health in the mines while providing 120 megawatts of electricity with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Neither the Post nor the Times thought that worthy of reporting, nor did most other mainstream media outside of the business press. After all it's a "good news" story -- a kind of win-win-win-win scenario for health, safety, economics and the environment that the mainstream media are loath to report.

There are other wins too, things that before the global warming fad would have been considered MAJOR accomplishments.

What they don't do, as the article points out, is establish carbon caps.

Which means that there is a sizable part of the global warming crowd that, despite all of it's "righteousness," is less concerned about the environment than they are in controlling industry and the economy. Add the scientists that stand to benefit in both resources and prestige, and you have a pretty potent combination.

Blazes, even the language used is a giveaway. It becomes the people's rights to control the future. No one in the global warming movement is talking about individual rights or property rights, they are talking about obligations to the global citizens.

It's straight out of Marx. And I don't mean Groucho.

— NeoWayland

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