Humans probably weren't responsible

Climate shifts killed off the wooly mammoth

Rueters is reporting on an article in Nature.

The Blitzkrieg, or overkill theory, said human hunters devastated most large mammal species and drove some to extinction.

"But contrary to that theory, my dates show numbers of bison and wapiti (elk) were expanding both before and during human colonisation," Guthrie explained.

His radiocarbon research, reported in the journal Nature, shows there was a 1,000-year different between the demise of the wild horse and the woolly mammoth which Guthrie said is inconsistent with other theories.

Instead, he suggests climate shifts transformed the dry, arid and cold region. The wetter, warmer summers led to changes in vegetation to which mammoths and wild horses could not adapt.

Oh, and by the way, those climate shifts happened despite anything that humans could do.

— NeoWayland

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