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Invoking extremes just makes things worse. Government usually creates more problems to solve the problems it already created.
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I had a blog, a big ole political blog with all sorts of entries and spanning two blogging platforms. It went through a catastrophic data scramble. Some content was lost. So here are the old directory links. As I find it useful, I'll probably end up rewriting it and putting in the new blog. But there are some mixups.
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NeoWayland is a pagan philosopher, libertarian & part-time trouble maker. Keeping vigil, he shares beacons of individual freedom & responsibility while watching for threats to LIBERTY. There's more to life than just black & white.

❝The AUDACITY Of Oprah Winfrey - White Privilege??❞

“Oprah Winfrey is a self-made African American woman with a net worth of over $2 billion USD, and she has now taken the opinion that America is best viewed through the lens of a racial caste system. In this understand of America, even the poorest white still has innate white privilege and an advantage over other groups. But is her own success story possible in such an imagined world?”

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  • Way too many.
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  • I was going to say it's always been some black lives matter depending of circumstances, but you beat me to it.
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  • I did not know it was formed because of Jesse Helm's actions. That alone is something to cheer. But I've been watching over the years and the LLL does good work.
    original thread

  • I didn't say it was rational.
    original thread

  • I've said before I am a reluctant gun advocate.

    I despise guns. If I had my way I would eradicate the memory of guns from out minds.

    But, there are two and only two groups that benefit from a law-abiding and unarmed populace. The first are criminals using force against citizens in defiance of the law. The second are politicos who want to control through force. As hard as I have looked, there is no one else who benefits from a disarmed public.

    What the gun-control types want you to forget is that without citizens owning guns, no one can easily stand up for their rights. The people who pay attention to the law aren't the ones we have to worry about.

    American gun control started as keeping guns out of the hands of those uppity "blacks" who might threaten the social order. Privately owned guns are the last restraint against tyrannical government.
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  • This is worthy.
    original thread

  • I'm sorry, I don't see your image.

    I agree with you though. Considering that WDW is open, this may invite comparisons between how Florida and California are responding to the pandemic. Meanwhile Las Vegas, Chicago, and NYC are ghost towns.
    original thread

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