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Government IS NOT your friend!

Invoking extremes just makes things worse. Government usually creates more problems to solve the problems it already created.
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I had a blog, a big ole political blog with all sorts of entries and spanning two blogging platforms. It went through a catastrophic data scramble. Some content was lost. So here are the old directory links. As I find it useful, I'll probably end up rewriting it and putting in the new blog. But there are some mixups.
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NeoWayland is a pagan philosopher, libertarian & part-time trouble maker. Keeping vigil, he shares beacons of individual freedom & responsibility while watching for threats to LIBERTY. There's more to life than just black & white.

A “good starting point”

The Decalogue isn't universal. It never has been. Insisting that it applies to everyone is just another way to control the another's behavior. After all, how can they dare question if it's "God's will?"

Adapted from a discussion at another site.

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  • I don’t usually indulge my darker passions. That’s not the person I choose to be. I am very, very good at debate and arguments. I’m also much better at politics than any amateur has a right to be. It’s so very much easier to be a PITA than not.

    Of course, that isn’t really constructive.

    Even when provoked, I don’t let loose. So consider this a special case.

    I’m not bragging, this is simple truth.
    original thread

  • I said this my PITA thread a few dozen replies ago. That was when I wrote that your choices don’t control my actions. Just because you declare “we’re done” doesn’t obligate me to follow your orders.

    Of course I’m doing the “last post on this thread” thing. I’ve told you that several times.

    This is your cue to throw out another unsupported accusation against me.
    original thread

  • Well, there are readers here who do not like what I think or write. I'm not going to defend that here, mainly because I don't think it should be defended.

    I will say that I feel that if you feel you need to be protected from people saying or posting "hurtful" things, you're not going to fit into World, online or offline.

    Also, who decides what is "hurtful" and under what circumstances and with what people involved?

    But then, that is a self-admitted troublemaker writing.
    original thread

  • Along the way you’ve made untrue allegations and accusations. Do you think you would have accepted that if it had been done to you?
    original thread

  • That should apply to cops too.
    original thread

  • Forty-five and a half posts since I’ve discussed that argument on this thread. How is that defending anything?
    original thread

  • You’re making excuses. You’re still trapped in that dominance/submission thing and you can’t even admit it to yourself.
    original thread

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