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Invoking extremes just makes things worse. Government usually creates more problems to solve the problems it already created.
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I had a blog, a big ole political blog with all sorts of entries and spanning two blogging platforms. It went through a catastrophic data scramble. Some content was lost. So here are the old directory links. As I find it useful, I'll probably end up rewriting it and putting in the new blog. But there are some mixups.
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NeoWayland is a pagan philosopher, libertarian & part-time trouble maker. Keeping vigil, he shares beacons of individual freedom & responsibility while watching for threats to LIBERTY. There's more to life than just black & white.

❝The EARN IT Act Is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing❞

“The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2020, also known as the EARN IT Act, is a dangerous bill introduced by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. If it becomes law, it will end private communication on the internet.

The EARN IT Act is part of a long history of using sex panics to expand state power. If we fall for it this time we may effectively end freedom of expression and open communication on the internet as we know it.

EARN IT threatens website providers’ and other intermediaries’ ability to provide end-to-end encrypted services. End-to-end encryption is critical to ensuring private communication and often personal safety.

Like so many of the save-the-children bills before it, EARN IT will not combat child sexual exploitation, but it will be the largest expansion of state surveillance powers in recent history, eliminating private communication on the internet."

Tip of the hat to The Honest Courtesan.

❝Voice of Freedom❞

“This song was played frequently on KVIL in Dallas back in 1980. Until today, I had feared that this song was lost. When i came across a recorded performance today I was elated! It is a wonderful song of patriotism that this country really needs! Please watch it and share it with your friends and help revive the song!”

❝Why I Love America❞

“Dennis Prager has traveled all over the world. But at the end of every trip, he returns home with a new appreciation for America. Why? Because no country is more open, more generous, and has done more for the cause of freedom than America has.”

First Amendment

“…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Pinned to top until after the riots end.

❝Graduation 2020: The Covid Class❞

“The 2020 graduating class faces challenges unlike any class before it. Uncertainty looms at every turn: job prospects, social interactions, and many other aspects of “normal life” once taken for granted. So what lessons can be learned from this unparalleled situation? Dennis Prager offers three.”

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  • Too close I think.
    original thread

  • You haven't shown evidence. Even your descriptions keep changing. You move from satanic child sacrifice to satanic ritual abuse. Basically you don't like someone so you accuse them of the worst thing you can think of.

    You keep making claims, but you can't prove what doesn't exist. It wouldn't matter, except you keep smearing people.
    original thread

  • The individual doesn't matter, only the Common Good of the narrative.

    Which is subject to change at a moment's notice.
    original thread

  • I am not going to get into subjective and objective truth here but I am going to insist on verifiable truths. No articles of faith are verifiable truths. It may be true that you believe in X, but that doesn't mean that it's true that X exists.
    original thread

  • Selected black lives matter, if it advances today's narrative.
    original thread

  • I don't care about the labels, I just can't see vandalism or violence being justified.
    original thread

  • nods I can understand that.

    My whole point in bringing this up is that Satanism has a bad rap, totally unjustified by what it is. The whole Hollywood Satanic conspiracy with secret sex and blood rites doesn't exist. Not so secret sex rights, occasionally in some groups. But the world domination and demon worship? Not so much.

    Now there are certainly demon worshipers out there, and some of them are even in modern American society. But it's not the mindset that can form secret and widespread multigenerational cults. There are some seriously screwed up people out there, but they aren't part of a conspiracy. Just because you don't know someone's religion doesn't mean that they threaten you.

    ymarsakar is saying these things because it's way too easy to find a scapegoat instead of looking at what is really happening.

    On the other hand, there are Muslim sects and groups that I think should be banned. FGM and child brides are not good things.
    original thread

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