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“As if withholding belief was a moral crime…”

Something very big hit the pagan side of the internet yesterday. I was going to do a very smug NeoNote or two about it, but not now.

I spent most of my day learning things I did not want to know. I also spent the day being flamed on reddit and in my email.

One commenter at The Wild Hunt got it exactly right.

I have a problem with this assumption "at the moment the general reaction seems to be to disbelieve abuse survivors." I do not find it to be accurate. Mostly because of what group is being examined to provide the baseline for the general reaction, which I've rarely seen explained.

Every time I see this idea come up, it is used as a weapon against those who desire to have an examined and rational discussion without having to say "I believe." as if withholding belief was a moral crime. That idea that there is a culture of disbelief has been weaponized and used to silence those who ask uncomfortable and disquieting questions.
     — Isabella LeCour

That explains most of my day yesterday.

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