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Tuesday Roundup

Fmr Govt Official ‘Shot Himself in the Head’ Just Before Testifying Against Clinton Foundation

One of the great mysteries of our time is how many people die just before they testify or reveal information about the Clintons.

Mitch McConnell Slips More Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill

It's not about fixing healthcare. It's about expanding government power and getting selected politicos re-elected. Voters should remind them loudly. Repeal, then Replace.

As Media Focuses on Russia Collusion, Trump Is Quietly Stacking the Labor Board with Union Busters

While the Russia business and the tweets distract his opponents, he is making changes. Trump is playing the Democrats like a country fiddle.

The New McCarthyism Is Destroying the Democratic Party


5 Private City Projects That You Should Know About

The future could be privatized.

U.S. appeals court upholds nondisclosure rules for surveillance orders

Almost like the Fourth Amendment doesn't exist. I'd like to see all intelligence orders, nondisclosure agreements, and national security gag orders automatically sunset after three years, but I would settle for five.

When Higher Education Morphs Into Ideological Indoctrination, Expect Fewer Customers

That's the great thing about free choice and a free market. If you don't like what's offered, you can walk away without buying.

New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting

Interesting omission. At this point, can we expect anything else from the Times?

POLL: 52 Percent Of Americans Think Democratic Party Just Stands Against Trump

Right now there is no evidence that the Democrats stand for anything else.

Loretta Lynch Ordered Illegal Wiretap Against Trump Campaign

Remember when Nixon ordered the Democrats bugged? Now there was outrage.

Why is Hungary waging a campaign against George Soros?

Here's what the story doesn't tell you. Soros is a world-class behind the scenes operator who destabilizes governments so he profits. Look up crony capitalism, Soros perfected it.

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