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In time for Christmas

Boy, 10, to get bionic hand in time for Christmas

A 10-year-old boy who was born without a right hand is getting the gift of a lifetime just in time for Christmas.

Cameron Millar, from Edinburgh in Scotland, was able to crowdfund 10,000 euros for a new 3D-printed bionic hand.

“I want a bionic hand so that I'm not dragging along behind. Like at school when we’re doing a writing activity a lot of people are writing a lot faster than me, so sometimes I need to go back to it the next day or after break or lunchtime,” the boy told Sky News.

Although Millar said that he can’t play drums or guitar, his new hand will empower him to change that.

Millar, who is right-handed despite being born without his right hand, raised the funds for his bionic hand with the help of Radio Forth's Cash for Kids charity.
     — Christopher Carbone
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