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Private sector or public sector?

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Private sector or public sector?

The public sector isn't free

"Everyone has to pay for things they don't care about."

That was juliaki's first reply to this post.

I would like you to look at it carefully.

When you go buy gas for your car, you don't pay the toy store across town. If you call for an electrician, you're not going to pay for his brother the plumber. Buy ice cream, and the feed lot on the edge of town won't get one cent of your money.

It's only government that can force you to pay for things you don't want under the guise of the "public good."

They do it by raising taxes and fees and then channeling that money through the general fund.

By law, most of the Federal tax on gasoline is supposed to go to maintain the interstate system. Except there are other things higher on the priority list so the money seldom goes there.

Have you seen our interstates lately?

Right now, the military is the President's pride and joy because of their response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He wants to expand their role in disaster relief. But nobody is telling you there is no way that the 2001 military could have pulled off all those amazing moves. It has taken four years of war to knock the rust off the system and point out the weak spots. And once the war stops, there is no guarantee that in four years the military will be able to pull it off again.

People forget, we've been living under the ever growing state for the better part of a century. That is a century of "free government services" driving the alternatives away.

Compulsory public education. Government funded relief and charity. Massive public works projects. Minimum wage. These are just some of the 20th Century "inventions" that have been inflicted on us, costing much more than anything similar in the private sector.

"Everyone has to pay for things they don't care about."


Because your government told you to?

Because it will justify the government's existence?

Because it takes money from your pocket without your consent?

Because it is easier to surrender than to resist?

The government isn't offering free services. The government can't deliver on it's promises. And it will always end up costing more.

Posted: Fri - October 7, 2005 at 05:57 AM

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