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NeoNote — Dualistic viewpoint

There are certain assumptions that are part and parcel of monotheism. One of these is a dualistic viewpoint. Something either IS or IS NOT. Monotheism focuses on what IS while excluding or ignoring what IS NOT. White IS is good, but blue IS NOT white and therefore IS NOT good. Neither are brown, plaid, or the pink fuzzy thing. By a dualistic standard, something can be NOT GOOD even if it works just because it IS NOT the rule. So because a woman IS NOT a man or a Negro IS NOT a "white," they are not as good.

But if you move beyond that standard single axis, you understand that something can be different without being bad.

I'm not something less, I'm something else.

"You seem to be confusing Christianity with a political ideology that forces compliance and obedience with the blade of sword."

Because not so long ago, that is exactly what it was.

Because some Christians want to bring that back.

Because every time someone declares Judeo-Christian principles and how a return to "traditional values" will solve America's problems, it's a proclamation that no others need apply.

Christians are much nicer when they aren't the only game in town.
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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