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Here's what we know so far.

Peter Beinart wrote a piece for the Atlantic speculating that the rise of violence on the left might be actually fueling a violent response on the right.

Jason Kessler organized the Unite the Right rally. He didn't have known ties to any right wing organizations before November 2016. Kessler used to be a Occupy Wall Street activist and Obama supporter.

Someone was hiring 'political activists' in Charlottesville the week before the rally. In the past, this has been a favored tactic of progressive organizations.

There have been reports that city and state police were ordered to stand down. The Charlottesville police chief has denied any stand down order was given. Some law enforcement observers have called the Charlottesville response inadequate.

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe made some very strange statements which were later corrected by the Virginia state police.

And Alex Jones is excited. No, I'm not giving a link to that one.

Taken together, it's very circumstantial. But also it's very suggestive.

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