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Charity instead of trash

Instead of Trashing Groceries During Cooler Malfunction, Store Donates 35,000 Pounds of Food

While this grocery store could have simply trashed all of the food in their coolers during a refrigerator malfunction, they donated all 35,000 pounds of their perishable goodies to charity instead.

The Trader Joe’s of Kalamazoo, Michigan experienced some technical difficulties in their cooling system on Wednesday. Most businesses in the food industry – if faced with the same dilemma – would simply call a mechanic and attempt to save the food before it all goes bad and ends up in the garbage.

Trader Joe’s policy, however, requires their stores to donate all of their perishables to charity. The groceries from last week’s malfunction were donated to Kalamazoo Gospel Mission: a local shelter that serves over 600 meals to the city’s homeless every day.
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