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NeoNotes — blame game

With regard to "encouraging" Trump, Hillary wanted a Republican she could defeat easily. She put out the word which almost certainly cinched the nomination for Trump.

One of the things I wish progressives would understand is that there were people just as discouraged and angry going into the 2016 election as progressives and Democrats are now. And no, it isn't because the Republicans are racists or misogynists or sore losers. Most of them are good and decent people even if they don't agree with progressives.

You may not be ready to hear it, but I am going to say it again. The problem isn't Republicans. The problem isn't Democrats. The problem is an ever-expanding government and a self-appointed "elite class" that doesn't feel it's responsible to anyone, but especially not the voters.

I'm going to say I don't think pure democracy is a good idea. Most of the rights we recognize would never be allowed in a pure democracy. Just as an example, I wouldn't want to be a minority religion in a nation (like America) that is 70%+ Christian where the majority could vote away rights of the minority.

And while we're not perfect, we're getting better.

You don't want me to get started on huge corporations and the perverted relationship they build with politicos.

In case you hadn't noticed, I distinguished between the "elite class" and Republicans and Democrats.

Since Trump's election, I've seen Republicans-on-the-street demonized. It has happened before, when Bush League was elected. But not on this scale. There were plenty of Republicans who were upset when Obama was elected and then re-elected. So maybe you're right. Maybe the difference is that Republicans are willing to wait their turn and work within the system while Democrats protest and break the law.

Stars above and Earth below, I am so very tired of this. Both Democrat and Republican politicos (yes, I said BOTH) want to expand government power and spend more money than the government has. Not even what the government should have, but what the government has. Always, always, always, any problems are the other party's fault. Never, never, never acknowledge the screw ups and missteps. Blazes, we just had a former President compare Trump to Hitler for no other reason than his policies don't agree.

So quit telling me how Republicans are so much worse. Show me POSITIVE CHANGES proposed by Democrats that don't require sacrificing freedom. Do something other than protest something that Trump isn't doing and not planning on doing. Do something other than smash storefronts. Do something other than attack Republicans on sight. Gods, don't you realize that there are some Republicans who want a better world and want to work with you to get it? You're never going to get unconditional surrender. Neither will they. Nor are the radical conservatives and the radical progressives the only players. Or even the best.

"This is the world. There is no other."

We're here now. And all you can think about is blaming the "other side."
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.
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