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Black & Blue & hate crimes

Regular readers know I'm no fan of hate crime laws.

If someone is killed because of their religion, are they any more dead?

If a store is vandalized because the owner was born outside the U.S., is the damage worse?

Once you start making special cases for the law, the original law is reduced. The "hate crime" label gets attached to everything to get the Maximum Penalty.

Well, now comes the next set of consequences. It's something I didn't expect, but it's obvious in retrospect.

Louisiana and Kentucky have both passed laws that add police and emergency responders to the hate crime laws. It's part of the Blue Lives Matter movement.

Blue Lives Matter is a response to Black Lives Matter. Considering some of the things that were alleged by Black Lives Matter, it's not surprising.

But think about the implications here. Police carry guns and are authorized to use force on behalf of the government. Thanks to police unions, there isn't much transparency and problem officers often aren't held accountable. Very possibly, thanks to these laws, it may become a crime to criticize these officers.

Why should this bother you?

Don't you know, citizen, that this is to protect you?

Have a nice day. Under penalty of law.

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